Black Cat – Vincent Price Ale

The first officially-licensed Vincent Price Ale – Black Cat is proudly produced by award-winning Kentish brewers Hopdaemon.

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Vincent Price Ale: Black CatWhen he wasn’t hosting ghoulish parties in haunted houses, preserving maidens in wax, or filling his Theatre of Blood with the corpses of his critics, legendary horror film actor Vincent Price (1911-1993) liked nothing better than to sit back and imbibe a wicked brew – the darker the better, of course. Although hailing from the American mid-west, Vincent was a lifelong Anglophile, and that classic British combination of pie and ale were firm favourites of the Missouri-born actor, art expert, raconteur and epicurean.

In honour of the Master of Menace, the Vincent Price Legacy UK and Kentish ale brewers Hopdaemon have conjured up the first Vincent Price Ale (VPA), which we’ve called Black Cat – a name that’s a fitting tribute to Vincent’s frightful encounters with meddlesome moggies and possessed pussies in the cult classics Tales of Terror (1962) and Tomb of Ligeia (1965).


This specially-crafted VPA (which has a 4.6% alc vol) maybe wrapped in a dark cloak, but it tastes like a crisp Indian Pale Ale, which will certainly surprise your taste buds. Currently available only in 330ml bottles with a fantastic label designed by legendary British poster artist Graham Humphreys.

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