Vincent Price takes centre stage in new 12-part series Horror Icons

You heard it right! The Master of Menace will feature in an exciting new 12-part documentary series, HORROR ICONS.

The mastermind of the Kickstarter project is producer/director Thomas Hamilton, whose 2021 feature-length documentary, BORIS KARLOFF: THE MAN BEHIND THE MONSTER, won a Rondo Award last year, and has been nominated for a second Rondo this year.

Here’s what to expect! ’12 terror-filled rides through the careers and lives of Vincent Price, Lon Chaney (Sr & Jr), Barbara Steele, Bela Lugosi, Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing, and many others, “Horror Icons” will spotlight each one’s life, their key performances and examine how each gave form to our darkest fears.’

Please do consider funding this Kickstarter project, which has some amazing perks starting at just £10.

For all the details, just follow this link:

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Vincent Price’s Minestrone is a winter warmer

Will this cold spell never end? Thankfully, Karie Bible, the host of Hollywood Kitchen, has featured Vincent’s recipe for Minestrone in her latest podcast, as it’s the winter warmer that we all desperately need.

Vincent’s recipe originates from Cooking Price-Wise, the 1971 TV Times/Corgi paperback tie-in for his British TV cooking show. It’s so easy to make and delicious it’s become a real go-to in my household.

I’ve also started making recipe cards based on dishes from the kitchens of both Vincent Price and some of his legendary co*stars, which you can save and collect. You will find them on the Supper with the Stars Instagram page. Here’s the link to follow:

Watch the Hollywood Kitchen episode here:

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