Supper with the Stars | Paperback and Digital Editions – Available from Amazon everywhere

Did you know there’s now a paperback and digital edition of Supper with the Stars. Having had so many requests for the cookbook and practically selling out of the full-colour limited edition hardback – though we do have some left via the VP Store – we have produced a print-on-demand version and a digital version, available from Amazon everywhere. 

This black-and-white softcover version omits the galleries and adds a couple of pages at the back where you can write your own notes. It’s what we like to call ‘the kitchen-friendly edition’, so now you can keep your hardback copy all pristine and use this one without fear of getting it stained. Better still, you can download the digital version, which allows you to scan for your favourite recipes in the book quickly and easily via a tablet or your phone.

“Acquired this book last night from Peter, an impulse buy, the kind we all make and sometimes regret.  But this book has totally captivated me, full of nostalgia and mirth, a true delight!!  It’s just so sumptuous to look at and written in a beautifully witty manner, just wanted to congratulate both authors on this gem. I think Vincent would have been proud!” Paul, London, UK

Here are some links to a few Amazon stores where you can order the paperback and digital editions. But wherever you are, just type in the title: Supper with the Stars, and you’ll see it pop up.








If you buy the paperback or already have the limited edition hardback, please consider leaving a review on Amazon.

You need not have bought the cookbook from Amazon to do this; you just need to have bought something from Amazon in the past. 

If you do leave a review, make sure you specify which edition (paperback or hardback).


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